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Oh damn good job benny!:D Sounds really great this far:)
I mean if you are going to add vocals!

But yeah this song has its own original sound:)

Really lighty and joyful:)! 10/10

thatbennyguy responds:

Thanks ACINO for your encouragement! You are the best :)



Oh lord this is nice! I mean good job mate!:)
You really gave my song a new life:D
Ok it was little bit harder than my other songs but you really pumped it to next level:P
Great beat and fx man:D

And hey could you please the send the flp to me:D Sorry i want to check those killer fx xD

But 10/10;)


Dj-GST responds:

Awesome :D


Totally man, I'll send the flp over.

Glad you liked it :D



OMG this is just great! Really nice singing man!

I mean this beats most of the christmas songs ive ever heard:o

The melody is just so damn kick*ss! Thanks for this:)!

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GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Wow, thanks for the insight man... I am glad you liked it. :D


Ok im speechless.. I just felt in love with this one:D Really x-massy sounding! Instant classic!;D Piano melody is super nice and strings fit perfectly too:) And lyrics... You got to record it! NOW!:D Love it 5/5 10/10

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GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks!!! Now I am speechless. I really wish more people would listen to my music though. The singing will be done soon. Again, thanks for the review.

Sick song man!

Lol that bass could kill stones! I mean its just marvelous:D 10/10


Ok firstly i love this piece of ambient, Seconly lol its too good. Sorrt words cant describe it:D i mean the feeling is just so awesome... thanks man for this:)

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Lol this is justt too awesome

Lol this so mad track that i have to give it.. MAXIMUM POINTS!:D

Dj-GST responds:

Haha thanks man!

Glad you liked it :D

Awesome intro!

and awesome song! but only thing which i dont like is that baseline:/ I dont know what you should do to it but it needs something(: But altought GREAT!

Great stuff man!

Lol this is maybe the dnb song ever..:D ok firstly the beginning is just epic! Sounds are just awesome! And the drumbeat is just perfect exept the glicthy kick thing which someone has already mentioned..:/ it just dont sound good.. Snaps littlebit in ear but of course it doesnt ruin this awesome song!:D and for the squary plucking lead, it fits perfectly and yes i really dont like chiptune stylish sounds usually but that really fits in this song!:) but i wonder how would it sound with different vst instrument.. But altough awesome stuff! And Please keep making more:) ACINO

TiGeR responds:

Glad you liked the song :)!

Well I'm working with Reason 4 so VSTs are nothing I use ;p.

About the glitchy thing... plz explain further via a PM or something. I'm not sure what you mean :(

Still, glad you liked the song and thanks for the C&C!


Awesome stuff!

Lol this sounds just too professional man:D piano is awesome so are the strings! and those vsts what you use sound damn great!:) and that drum beat is just marvelous:D Liked it!

TheUprising1 responds:

Thanks alot!
Make sure you check out my latest stuff, then, especially Revolve / Resolve. I've improved alot since this. ;)

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